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Introduce band band handheld 3G 4G LTE/Wimax phone jammer and WIFI with 6 control JM-12P-A £198.00 PQY_idfGsweYhdk 20% discount.

  • Introduce band band handheld 3G 4G LTE/Wimax phone jammer and WIFI with 6 control JM-12P-A £198.00 PQY_idfGsweYhdk 20% discount
  • Jamming Frequency:
    CDMA: GSM: 850-960MHz, DCS/PCS:1805-1990MHz, 3G: 2110-2170MHz, 4G WIMAX: 2345-2400MHz or 2620-2690, 4G LTE: 725-770MHz,wifi :2400-2500MHZ

    6 band handheld 3G 4G(LTE/Wimax) phone jammer and WIFI with band control switch

    Each band could be chosen operating or not. Find the dip switch on the side of the device as below left picture.

    Six arrows toward from OFF to ON (default), by dip switching ON →OFF, each band could be disable.

    The corresponding LED indicator shall be turn off.

    Output power: 3w Power supply: 50-60Hz, 100-240V AC

    Jamming range: up to 20m, the jamming radius depends on the strength signal in given area

    Deminsion: 133x75x35mm, not include antennas

    Full set weight: 0.95kg


    1. Do not power on if antenna s are not connected.
    2. The functional coverage is greatly affected if antennas are not installed
    correctly. Do ensure the antennas are properly connected before usage.
    3. When power on, keep away from computer, notebook PC, television, audio
    and AM/FM radio to prevent interferences.
    4. The normal operational temperature is about 6 5 ° C. If the temperature is
    higher than the above, turn off the power immediately and contact local
    agent for help.
    5. Its functional coverage will depends on the location and strength of the
    ambient mobile phone base stations.
    6. Placing the device on higher position for better coverage. 2 meters height
    is recommended.
    7. The Ni-MH rechargeable battery has estimated 500 times recharge cycles.
    Please contact the local agent to replace battery if it is not rechargeable.


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